People today are terrified of the new f-word: feminism. They think we are man-haters, lesbians, and bra-burners. This is widely not the case.

This is not a man hating or demonizing zone. Here, we do not aim for women's superiority, but for equality for all.

To that end, I encourage you to join us, no matter where you fall on the sex and gender spectrum, to fight for equal rights.

Feel free to pass suggestions/submissions my way, or to ask ANY questions you may have. There are no stupid questions! I will answer to the best of my ability (from a persona POV, as I recognize that I cannot speak for all feminists), and will take any question as encouragement that people ARE interested in learning more and hopefully considering themselves feminists, too!



So. This just happened on FB. From a guy I don’t know, ad have never talked to.

Who the hell thinks this is ok?

I half wish I had not blacked out his name.



Spend 7 minutes of your life watching this show on gendered marketing

This is brilliant. I specifically buy razors and shaving cream marketed to men because it’s at least 30% cheaper in the US, and yet the quality is way better. 






seriously go vote for laverne cox in this like fuck does a cis man get more attention for a shit portrayal of transwomen than u know, an actual living transwoman

this is so fucking important and i expect ppl to signal boost the hell out of this

It’s up to 91% now, get it tumblr.

Why do we need to take away the validity of Jared Leto’s performance in order to make a point? Yes, maybe in many peoples opinion it makes more sense for someone who lives this life rather than someone who portrays someone living this life. But shit portrayal? Let’s remember that Jared Leto is a straight man in Hollywood who’s every move is criticized and there are not many people in this day and age who are comfortable with their beliefs and are able to confidently take on a role like that. Why should we discredit him because he is not transgender in real life? That’s the same kind of discrimination we fight against when people say that straight people cannot be allies because they are straight. Or that white people can’t talk about inequality because they are white.
Don’t do that.

are you fucking serious right now? Sure, Jared Leto may be a talented actor, but people are allowed to have opinions about his portrayal in any movie. Maybe he was good in that movie, I haven’t seen it, BUT the problem is that he is a straight, cisgender man in Hollywood getting praised for portraying the queer struggle. Transgender narratives are being taken away from transgender people. It’s great that he is an ally, but the fact that he faces criticism because he happens to be an ally is not the fucking point. No one is saying that LGBTQ allies can’t be allies because they are straight, or that white people can’t speak up against racial inequality because they are white.

The issue that is being addressed here is the muting of queer narratives and queer issues, and especially when they’re being muted when presented by queer people. wOW it must take such courage to play a transgender person for a movie. Newsflash: we’re unimpressed because when you’re transgender you can’t just take off the movie makeup and be cisgender. If we do present as cisgender, it’s because it is literally unsafe for us to be openly trans. 

Jared Leto is a straight man in Hollywood who should be using his position of privilege and authority to say “Here, this issue is important. Listen to the LGBTQ+ community. I am an ally and I am going to make this space safe for queer-identified people.” He shouldn’t be taking roles that portray the queer struggle from actors who live the queer struggle. I’m not saying that his intentions are bad, that isn’t it at all, but whoop de fuckin doo he faces criticism for playing a trans* character in a movie? He isn’t being murdered or physically or sexually assaulted (look at the fucking statistics), he isn’t homeless like a good chunk of the population of LGBTQ youth. I could go on and fucking on about the issues that queer people face. The fact is, that IS NOT discrimination. Criticism is people voicing their opinions. Discrimination is when you get fired from your job because you are queer (which is one of the main reasons I am not out as queer at work. i have no guarantee that i won’t be fired.) Discrimination is when you’re arrested for defending yourself because you are black and a transwoman, AND housed in prison with men even though you are a transwoman. (Look up CeCe McDonald, the transwoman this happened to.) Discrimination is not being allowed to marry your significant other because you happen to be gay or lesbian. Discrimination is not being allowed to visit your partner in the hospital because same-sex relationships are not considered valid legally in your State. Discrimination is being kicked out of your house when you tell your parents you’re queer. Discrimination is getting the shit kick out of you because your attacker thinks you LOOK queer.

An actual transgender person being recognized for their work over a straight, cis man playing a transgender character is not discrimination. It is discrimination when trans* people (or any queer identified people) are silenced or ignored for their work and straight people are given accolades for the exact same thing. An ally being told “look, thank you for supporting us, but can you please help to get them to listen to us?” is not discrimination. At the end of the day Jared Leto gets to go back to being the majority. Laverne Cox doesn’t. She still faces real discrimination because of who she is despite her successes. Someone saying “Jared Leto had a shit portrayal of a trans person in a movie” is not discrimination. That’s a motherfucking opinion. Until queer identified people have equal footing to cisgender, heterosexual people in the film industry, straight actors should NOT be cast as queer characters. People still ask straight actors if it was difficult to portray a queer character (cuz we’re different somehow?? like we’re not just regular people??). Jared Leto should not be given credit when Laverne Cox deserves it more.

If you’re an “ally” and get offended when the groups you’re supposed to be supporting actually stand up and say “Hey listen to why we’re mad and help us fix it”, then you’re actually not being a very good ally.

This is important.

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oh my fucking god

huge fucking trigger warning but oh my god


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this never gets old

I met the creator of this a month ago and he said he got a lot of hate mail from dudebros who thought that he was a woman complaining about these problems.


Bolding mine.

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Maybe I’m a bit late to the game, but I’ve just seen this and fallen in love.